clients_photo_122612Individuals must meet several criteria to receive services from the Blind Relief Fund. They must be legally blind, live within the city of Philadelphia, and have income at or below the poverty level. While our clients each face problems unique to their own situations, there are many common concerns.

• On average, our clients’ income is approximately $675 per month to provide food, clothing and shelter, as well as all other necessities.

• In addition to being legally blind, many of our clients face a serious disease like diabetes which caused or contributed to their blindness and which requires expensive medication.

• Many of our clients do not have access to or the money to pay for transportation to receive medical care or other services.

• Many of our clients live in blighted neighborhoods where they are unable to distinguish between those who are friends and those who consider them easy prey.

• Many of our clients have had their adult children and/or grandchildren move back in with them as theirs is the only housing available.

• Most of our clients lack any real support network, save a periodic call or visit from the Blind Relief Fund.

• Our clients worry about the prospect of reduced government funding for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and subsidized housing.

• Our clients are alone, helpless and afraid, in a world of darkness where nobody seems to care.

How do our clients make ends meet? They don’t. They juggle or do without. Every month many clients must choose between food and medication, or skip a utility payment to cover the unexpected expense of appliance repair or uninsured medical supplies.